Top 5 Restaurants in Albufeira

Nestled along the stunning coastline of Portugal’s Algarve region, Albufeira stands as a captivating destination that effortlessly marries natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and an enticing culinary tapestry. With its sun-kissed beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, Albufeira has become a coveted haven for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure. The town’s vibrant culture weaves a story of centuries-old architecture, bustling markets, and a warm local community that welcomes visitors with open arms.

In this blog post, we embark on a gastronomic journey through Albufeira’s vibrant food scene. As the sun sets over the Atlantic horizon, we’ll guide you through the top 5 restaurants that define the town’s culinary excellence. From traditional eateries serving up authentic flavors to contemporary establishments reimagining Portuguese cuisine, our selection offers a diverse range of dining experiences that will undoubtedly tantalize your taste buds and provide a truly immersive encounter with Albufeira’s culinary soul.

  • Tipping in Portugal: If you’re traveling to Albufeira, knowing that tipping is customary in Portugal is helpful. For a casual meal, a good rule of thumb is to leave a tip of about €2 to €5 or round up your bill to the nearest €0 or €5. For example, if your bill is €46, you might leave a total of €50. A 5 to 10% tip is standard for higher-end restaurants, while 15% is considered generous. At bars and cafés, if you order at the counter, rounding up to the nearest euro is appreciated. A tip of around 5 to 10% is appropriate for table service.
  • Restaurant Reservations: To ensure a smooth dining experience at the restaurants listed below, it is advisable to make reservations in advance. Typically, reserving a table 3 to 5 days beforehand will suffice, but for significant occasions, it is recommended to book a table weeks, or even months, in advance to guarantee availability.
  • Albufeira Food Guide: If you have more questions about portuguese foods, wines or products, take a look at our complete food guide of Albufeira.

Here are our top 5 picks for some of the best restaurants in Albufeira!

A Ruina

A Ruina

Part of the restaurant A Ruina is built into the walls of the old town. The restaurant has rooms and terraces on different floors that look out over the beach. If you’re traveling with kids, the lower beachside area is best because they can play in the sand while you eat. They won’t have anything bad to say about that! The best thing on the menu is fresh fish, but check the price carefully when you order and be prepared to pay more than €25 per person. One of the best places in Albufeira to spend a lot of money on a meal.

Price Range: $$$$

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P: +351 289 512 265

O Marinheiro

O Marinheiro

O Marinheiro is dedicated to cooking up waves of the region’s famous seafood. You can find it along a sleepy street to the west of the centre of the resort, around a 6-minute drive from Albufeira Marina. The building is small and unassuming, dashed with white paint and red tiles like a classic coastal tavern.

Prawns, octopus, shellfish and salmon are all mixed and matched to create indulgent starters infused with rich marinades and sauces. You can spice things up with surf-and-turf or ask for curated wines from the on-site garrafeira – a Portuguese wine cellar.

Price Range: $$-$$$

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P: +351 289 592 350




The view has to be the best thing about Vivaldo’s. It has what might be Albufeira’s best dining deck, with a direct view of the golden sands and blue waves of Praia da Oura. Stop by in the evening for a cold beer, a glass of crisp Portuguese green wine, or some snacks before dinner, and you’ll see a beautiful sunset over the ocean that’s worth taking a picture of.

Vivaldo’s menu has a lot of standard dishes from around the world, like thick sirloin steaks, chicken fillets in mushroom sauce, beef burgers, and pizza. It’s a great selection for families. You can also choose something from the area, like prawns or sea fish.

Price Range: $$-$$$

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P: +351 289 572 273


veneza restaurant

This restaurant has been popular in the area since it opened in 1983. Before that, it was a grocery store that opened in 1954. Later in the 1970s, it is said that this place also hosted live acts. Today, it is known for serving traditional Portuguese food and having a big selection of wine.

The Paderne area of Venice is 15 minutes’ drive north of the old town. People in the country go to this eatery for steak, roasted pork, and veal cooked in a pan. And it has a large number of wines.

Before you leave, make sure to pick up a bottle or two of wine at Veneza’s wine shop.

Price Range: $$-$$$

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P: +351 289 367 129



For another experience you’ll never forget, dine at Windmill Restaurant. It’s in a famous windmill from 1938, which should be enough to make you want to eat there. But the place also has good food and drink.

The Windmill Restaurant is small and only has room for 12 people. It also has a small menu. But their three-course offering changes all the time.

The view is another reason to eat here. If you make a reservation far in advance, you might be able to sit at a table by one of the Windmill’s windows and see Albufeira and the Atlantic Ocean.

Note that the Windmill Restaurant is only for adults and that you “have to have” a ticket to eat there.

Price Range: $$-$$$

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P: +351967764290

These are the best restaurants in Albufeira!

Albufeira has a wide range of restaurants, all of which are located in the town center. You’ll find some traditional Portuguese restaurants and others serving international cuisine.

Restaurants are open all year round and serve food from lunchtime until late into the evening, making them perfect for visitors who want to eat out during their stay in Albufeira. Many also offer takeout options, so you can enjoy your meal at home or take it with you on your day trips around Portugal!

Albufeira restaurants: Our favorite suggestions for every mealtime

For Breakfast:

Almeida Docaria

This old town Albufeira restaurant is handy and central. It is famed for its amazing cakes and other sweet items, earning its name from a mix of cake (docaria) and a local technique used for drying fruits (almeixar). If you like the sweeter things in life, there’s nowhere better to go for breakfast, with crêpes, waffles, and French toast on the menu, as well as the golden, delectable pastries, baked fresh every morning.

Docaria Almeixar is a nice spot to unwind with a coffee or freshly squeezed juice, even if you aren’t hungry. Hundreds of people pass through, and the waitresses are courteous without being overbearing or hurrying you.

For Lunch:

Algarve Cais Ao Mar

This Albufeira restaurant should be on your list if you’re seeking wonderful seafood from the famed strip. The kilo charges the seafood, and the waitresses will guide you through all the interesting possibilities. The cuisine is all made to order, so this isn’t the best location to grab a fast snack before heading out, but with amazing dishes, you won’t mind staying.

For dinner:

Al Quimia

Al Quimia is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Albufeira, serving gorgeous, traditional meals with contemporary twists, but securing a seat here is worth the effort of calling ahead of time. Al Quimia specializes in Portuguese and Iberian cuisine. Locally obtained products inspire the food, and the chefs have trained at some of the world’s best culinary schools and restaurants, resulting in the ideal balance of heritage and modernity.

Tips for Dining in Albufeira

Tips for Dining in Albufeira

When venturing into Albufeira’s culinary landscape, a few tips can enhance your dining experience and allow you to fully embrace the town’s gastronomic offerings. First and foremost, consider making reservations in advance, especially for popular restaurants. Albufeira’s dining scene can get quite bustling, especially during peak tourist seasons, so securing your spot ensures you won’t miss out on the delectable flavors these establishments have to offer.

One of the joys of dining in Albufeira is the opportunity to explore the depths of local cuisine. Step away from the familiar and embrace the regional dishes that each eatery proudly presents. Whether it’s fresh seafood straight from the Atlantic or traditional Portuguese stews, the local flavors offer a true taste of Albufeira’s cultural richness. Be open to venturing beyond your culinary comfort zone and trying new flavors – you might just discover a new favorite dish that lingers in your memory long after your trip.

Embark on a Culinary Adventure: Food Tours in Albufeira

If you’re truly looking to immerse yourself in Albufeira’s gastronomic wonders, why not take your culinary exploration to the next level with a guided food tour? These tours offer an unparalleled opportunity to delve deep into the heart of the town’s culinary heritage, accompanied by knowledgeable guides who are passionate about sharing their insights. As you stroll through charming streets and hidden alleys, you’ll uncover the hidden gems and Restaurants in Albufeira that contribute to Albufeira’s food scene.

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Restaurants in Albufeira: Conclusion!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best restaurants in Albufeira. We know many more to explore, but these are our favorites and most popular restaurants in the area! If you have any questions about visiting Portugal or its beautiful places, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us.